Information for Contact Lens Patients

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We have a Contact Lens type for Every Lifestyle and Need

Bifocal and Progressive Contacts - to let you read comfortably.  
Bifocal Contacts -  Yes, they now work well for most bifocal wearers!

Aspheric Lenses - offer better optics and comfort

Disposable Lenses - so you always have clean lenses

Toric Lenses - to correct astigmatism

Tinted Lenses - to enhance or change the color of your eyes

Sport Contact Lenses - to help you follow the ball
This uniquely tinted lens protects your eyes and produces an incredible sharpness outdoors. Whether following the flight of a golf ball, tracking an oncoming tennis ball, or distinguishing moguls while down-hilling, the Sports Lens gives you freedom for action without the restrictions of eyeglasses. These lenses allow you to function indoors as well.

Piggyback Lenses -  Piggyback Lenses - to comfortably fit post surgical corneas
These are just some of the new tools we have to fit you with a comfortable lens with the best vision possible. Our staff is skilled in fitting you with the latest problem solving products and you can actually trial-test many of these lenses.

Call 410-494-1281 to ask for an appointment with one of our technicians.

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, the following information will explain the procedures involved, the fees, and refund policies.

Eye Examination
First, a comprehensive eye examination is performed by your eye doctor.

At this time you will be given a prescription for eyeglasses with an approval to fit contact lenses if the physical health of your eye is determined to be satisfactory. It is important to note that this prescription is only the starting point in the fitting of contact lenses. Additional measurements and calculations are needed to fit them.

You are encouraged to also have the prescription filled for a pair of eyeglasses in case there are times you need to go without your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting
The fitting of contact lenses is an ongoing process. It starts with the doctor’s prescription and his or her approval for contact lenses. An appointment is made to visit our office so we can gather all necessary information about each of your eyes. A professional judgment is made about which of the numerous contact lens designs, materials, and parameters will meet your physiological and visual needs, as well as what will make you a happy and successful contact lens wearer. Follow-up care ensures optimal vision, comfort and especially the safe and healthy physical response of your eyes to lens wear.

The human eye is a living organ whose shape, structure and chemistry invariably changes over time. All contact lenses are acted upon by the eye, the environment, and the solutions with which they come in contact. Because of this, periodic contact lens visits are necessary, beginning with more frequent visits in the first few months for a new wearer or fit.  After the initial fitting period, annual contact lens check ups are recommended.

Rx Expiration
Under Maryland State Law all contact lens prescriptions expire in 2 years unless a shorter expiration is indicated due to medical issues such as Keratoconus, or other corneal health problems.  Under federal law, once the contact lens prescription has expired it may not be refilled. To get a new prescription the patient needs to return to the eye doctor and contact lens fitter. 

Please inform us if you have any vision benefits and we will be happy to submit your claim to your insurance company

Contact Lens Fees 

Fitting Fees
Our fitting fees are based on the estimated time, effort, andexpertise that will be required in order to successfully fit each case. Some types of cases such as patients with keratoconus will inherently have a greater potential for complications. Those cases will require a longer initial follow up period.  Some types of lenses such as toric (lenses to correct astigmatism), monovision and bifocal lenses, require a greater level of skill and time to achieve a successful result.  Our fees are divided into packages which take these factors into account. A follow up visit may be required after new lenses are dispensed. The follow up visit and any necessary parameter changes are included in this fee. 

Material Fees
Our fees for the lenses themselves are also divided intodivisions based on what the lens manufacturer charges us.  A number of good quality lenses fall into “division one”.  Lenses with special properties, such as better wetting on a dry eye, greater oxygen permeability, toric design, bifocal design, tinting, or custom manufacturing may fall into “division two”, or higher, depending on the manufacturer’s prices.  We will always use the lowest material division likely to work with your eyes, and offer the option to upgrade if there is a benefit to be gained.  If, in the course of a fitting, both the optician and patient elect to change to a higher division lens, only the additional difference between those divisions will be charged.

Refund Policy
If, during the first three months of lens wear, the patient, doctor, or optician decides that it is necessary to discontinue wearing lenses, the cost of standard lenses will be refunded upon return of the lenses. (50% of the cost of custom made lenses will be refunded.) The fitting fees are not refundable.


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